Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hey Yah..!!

Hey Yah..!!
I'm soo Chilling...
Instead of doing nothing...
Taking a breath...
After a lot of thing to do and have done today and b4..
Smiling yeah..??
Some kind like dat..
Trying to smile even there is a lot of things happen to me..
Bring me a life..

Lately,I keep on dreaming of my family,my home sweet home n my friends..
The most important part is I dreamt of 'someone' I'd love do couple with someone else...
A bit sad..
"a big sad actually"
dunno y..
I felt like I'm sooo down...
Gimme a break larh tears...
I hate to let u flow from my biggie beauty eyes...!!

*I really2 wanna go home...
Miss my family soo much...


  1. I won't go home without you.
    Ni rindu keluarga ka bakal keluarga sendrik ni? Hak hak!

  2. won't go home without u..??
    u always be at ur home ili...

  3. Kebanyakan masa di Penang Free School.

  4. salam..

    ada masa/cuti nanti balik laah..:)

    **folo ur blog..***5

  5. Wasalam..^^

    thanx sbb follow blog saya..
    *saya pown da follow ur blog..*

    Da lma sgt xbalik..tue yg terasa rindu dgn family..^^